Empowering Traders and Hedge Funds with a white label copy trading solution

Start your branded copy trading business, complete with a custom domain, client management, billing, and a cutting-edge platform.
We are integrated with
Aumify integration with Binance
Aumify integration with Bybit
Aumifay integration with Bitmex
Aumifay integration with Okx
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Who this solution is designed for

Trading Aumify
Traders who have a communityof followers
trader Aumify
trader Aumify
copy trading Aumify
copy trading Aumify
traders Aumify
trader Aumify
Hedge funds that trade directly on client accounts via API keys
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graph Aumify
Crypto influencers who want to monetize their community through copy trading
Trading Strategies Aumify

What's in it for you?

Manage your business operations in the admin section
Trading Strategies
Configure your master account and present your strategy within the client portal.

Invite Customers
to Your Client Portal

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Customize Your Brand

Customize the client area with your logo, colors, fonts

How it works

Add your company and trading strategies
Set up a subscription or/and success fee for your users
Allow users to login in your app and follow your trading strategies
Launch your affiliate program


Enable custom modules to grow your business
Spot Copy Trading
Binance Aumify
Perps/Futures Copy Trading
Binance futures Aumify
OKX futures copy trading Aumify
Bitmex copy trading Aumify
Bybit copy trading Aumify
Subscription Management
David Cooper
+60 USDT
Alan Boker
+99 USDT
Amanda Roling
+299 USDT
Alex Solodov
+49 USDT


Collaborate with other traders you can lease strategies on a profit-sharing basis to make your business grow.
Lease your strategy
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Payment Gateways

Configure your payment gateway to collect payments from your customers
integration Cpay with Aumify
Integrate any payment gateway for your business needs
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Grow your business

You can compensate your affiliates according to your personalized marketing plan.
traders Aumify


What is Aumify?
Aumify is a platform where traders or hedge funds can manage a copy-trading business. Such enterprises have an admin panel, where they can add trading strategies, configure bots, and allow their clients to follow them via API keys. Clients have their own customer zone, which is designed according to the trader's branding (logo, colors, fonts, etc.).
What is a "white label enterprise"?
A white label enterprise is an opportunity for traders and hedge funds to launch their own copy-trading business under their own brand, using the Aumify infrastructure.
Can I launch the enterprise on my domain?
Yes, you can set up your own domain or use our subdomain.
What are the minimum requirements to start using Aumify?
To start working on the Aumify platform, you need to be a registered user on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges we support and have an active trading account.
How much will it cost me?
Connecting qualified clients is free. A fee of $5/month is charged for connecting unqualified clients. An unqualified account is an exchange account registered via a referral link. For Binance accounts, it should have been registered after June 1, 2021.
Can Aumify be used on mobile devices?
Yes, the Aumify platform is optimized for use on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
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